Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CX 2681, Battlezone!

Yes, another split episode. I just wanted to get something out there, this is the best way for me to do that right now. Maybe it's the way I should be doing this, who knows? That was the original plan. At any rate, this episode is all about Battlezone by Atari, and next time I will cover Krull and the feedback for both games. So if you have any thoughts on either game, you still have time to send it to me at Thank you so much for listening!

Pertinent Links

Battlezone on Atari Protos
Battlezone on KLOV
Michael Feinstein blog post about GCC and Atari
Voice Commander unit picture in AA thread (Post 19)
Voice Commander unit drawing in 1983 Atari catalog on AA
Brown label Battlezone cartridge
Brown Battlezone box
Battlezone Tank Control hack by Thomas Jentzsch
The No Swear Gamer 261 - Battlezone
I was wrong, new VR version of Battlezone will be released by Rebellion in October. Bad podcaster!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Part 2: 8056100286, California Games!

This is part 2 of episode 125, where I discuss California Games by Epyx, and read and listen to your feedback on all the Epyx games. Next up is Battlezone and Krull, both by Atari. I am hoping to watch the Krull movie before the episode since it is available on YouTube. If you have any feedback on these games, as always you can send it to me at Please be sure to check out Geekade's Twitch channel on August 20th for their Pain in the Ass-a-thon, which is a charity benefit for the Colon Cancer Alliance. You can donate during the 24 stream at the Twitch site. Thanks for listening!

Pertinent Links

Epyx on C64 Wiki
History of Epyx on the Dot Eaters
Peter Engelbrite's web site
Peter Engelbrite interview by Gregory George
Inspired Idea web site
Fuddy Duddy Games
Steve Baker's web site from 2008
Steve Baker's Pachinko game
Steve Baker interview by Scott Stilphen
Steve Baker interview by Randy Kindig, Antic podcast
Steve Baker interview by Willie, ArKay and Captain Bob, Atari 5200 Super Podcast
Tod Frye interview by Randy Kindig, Antic Podcast
No Swear Gamer 175 - Summer Games
No Swear Gamer 259 - Winter Games
No Swear Gamer 260 - California Games
1997 Online Telegames Atari 2600 catalog
Atari Bytes Podcast
Atari Kong Podcast
Geekade Pain In The Ass-a-thon Facebook page
Sing's nutty eBay auction find for Stellar Track
Devin's Pac-Man creepy pasta on AA

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Interview with Bill Kendrick

In this episode I talk with Bill Kendrick, founder and host of the Atari Party, which is an annual event held in Davis CA (this year on July 30th). Bill is also a co-host of the Atari XEGS Cart by Cart podcast, and also contributes a segment to the Antic Podcast. Thank you to Bill for talking with me, and thank you for listening!

Pertinent Links

New Breed Software
Atari Party 2016
Atari XEGS Cart by Cart Podcast
Antic, the Atari 8 Bit Podcast

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Too Many Games Wrapup Special

Last weekend I was able to get to the Too Many Games video game convention in Pennsylvania. This is just a short episode about what I saw and did there. It was a lot of fun and I will be there again next year, hope to see you there!

Too Many Games web site
Rich's band Kickbax
Sega Nerds web site
Geekade on Youtube
Mega Visions magazine Kickstarter
Blind Blades by Heavy Key Studios
Super Rock Blasters by QuadraTron Studios

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Top 10 One Player Games & a Special Announcement

This episode was suggested by Matt (@stormsurge) and will be part of a continuing series over the life of the podcast. The special announcement is that I will be slacking off the podcast this summer. ;)   Well, kind of. Please stay tuned to the episode for details on that. Thanks for listening everyone, see you soon!

These are the coasters that I mentioned in the podcast (you can also see them on Twitter and Facebook, I posted them back in 2014):

Pertinent Links

Digital Press 99 Classics (NOT including Frankenstein's Monster)
Toy Tomb Podcast
Stone Age Gamer & Waveback podcasts on Geekade
The Retro League Podcast
Too Many Games! Forums

Friday, May 20, 2016

AX-023, Oink! and AX-024, Dolphin!

Hey everyone, thanks for your patience this week. This episode is about two of Activision's early 1983 titles, Oink and Dolphin. Next on the podcast I will be looking at Lost Luggage and Shark Attack (Lochjaw) by Apollo. If you have any feedback on these or any of the games I've covered, please send it to You can check the calendar on the blogpage for the upcoming shows, I have updated it. A bit. I have some vacation time coming up, and while I don't have an episode listed for those weeks, I am going to try to get something out then. I also have an upcoming project, we are putting in a new floor in my gameroom/podcasting room, but I'm hoping that won't disturb the schedule. Much.

Thanks for listening everyone!

Pertinent Oinks

Matthew Hubbard interview by Scott Stilphen
Scott Stilphen's Dolphin Easter Egg page
Oink on Atari Protos
Dolphin on Atari Protos
Oink Patch on Digital Press
...and the accompanying letter
Friends of Dolphins patch on DP
...and the accompanying letter
Secret Society of Dolphins patch on DP
Activisions newsletter announcing Dolphin and Oink
Matthew Hubbard's Blogger profile (he has a few blogs there)
The No Swear Gamer 252 - Oink!
The No Swear Gamer 253 - Dolphin
Warren Robinett's Adventure web site
Inventing the Adventure Game by Warren Robinett (unpublished manuscript)
Classic Game Room - Oink!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CX 2679, Realsports Basketball, and CX 2680, Realsports Tennis!

This week I cover two more games in the RealSports line, Tennis and Basketball. Basketball was an unfinished prototype that saw the light of day near the turn of the century. I think there is only one more RealSports title left, Boxing, which oddly came out much later than the rest. Next time I'll be discussing the Activision games Oink! and Dolphin, so if you have any thoughts on these games (or the RealSports games, I expected the feedback to be a bit light and I was not mistaken), please send it to me at You will not regret it! Thank you so much for listening, and this Sunday, please say hi to your mother for me.

Pertinent Links

RealSports Tennis on Atari Protos
RealSports Basketball on Atari Protos
Supergames 8 in 1 on Atari Protos
Unused RS Tennis art on Atarimania
No Swear Gamer 251 - RS Tennis!
RS Basketball in 1982 Rev F catalog
RS Basketball screenshot in 1983 Rev A catalog
RS Basketball 2002 Repro on Atari Age
Scott Stilphen's Easter Egg page for RS Basketball
Highretrogamelord's RS Basketball video
Intellivisionaries 18 - Basketball(s)!
Intellivisionaries 7 - Baseball(s)!
SNES Podcast 45 - Frogger!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

PB 5340, Tutankham, and PB 5350, Sky Skipper!

Hi there, today's episode deals with Tutankham and Sky Skipper, both arcade ports from Parker Brothers. Both games are... interesting. Next time I'll be talking about two Realsports titles, Tennis and Basketball. Basketball did not come out at the time, but it is available. If you have any thoughts on these games or games I've covered previously, please send them to me at Thanks so much for listening!

Pertinent Links

Tutankham on KLOV
Dawn Epstein's web site
Dawn Epstein's Applied Chaos web site
Tutankham map by Ben Valdes
Sky Skipper on KLOV
Shipping Box seller on eBay
The No Swear Gamer 248 - Tutankham!
WaveBack Podcast - The Legend of Zelda