Wednesday, April 20, 2016

PB 5340, Tutankham, and PB 5350, Sky Skipper!

Hi there, today's episode deals with Tutankham and Sky Skipper, both arcade ports from Parker Brothers. Both games are... interesting. Next time I'll be talking about two Realsports titles, Tennis and Basketball. Basketball did not come out at the time, but it is available. If you have any thoughts on these games or games I've covered previously, please send them to me at Thanks so much for listening!

Pertinent Links

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Tutankham map by Ben Valdes
Sky Skipper on KLOV
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

4L-2520, Tunnel Runner, and 4L-2737, Omega Race!

This week I'm looking at two of the CBS Electronics Ram Plus games, Tunnel Runner and Omega Race, as well as the Booster Grip controller! Thanks for your patience this week, and thanks again for the donations, it is greatly appreciated. I think I have settled on a mixer so I can record the sounds from the 2600 itself, and also, I think I may be able to use that to play the audio submissions live so you can hear me react to them. My current mixer is a Kitchen Aid, so that one won't work. Next episode will be about Sky Skipper and Tutankham by Parker Brothers, so if you have any feedback on those games or games I've already covered, please send it to, or Thank you so much for listening, you guys are the best!!

Pertinent Links

Ram Plus Chip patent
Dick Balaska interview by Red 5 on AA
Dick Balaska's website
Robert Hunter interview by Roy Trakin, Video Games magazine
Stuart Ross interview by Scott Stilphen
Stuart Ross drawing of Black Box
Scott Stilphen's Tunnel Runner Easter Egg page
Omega Race on KLOV
Omega Race controller hack by Thomas Jentsch
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