Saturday, May 11, 2013

CX 2611, Indy 500, & CX 2612, Street Racer!

This week's games are by Atari and are two of the original launch titles, Indy 500 and Street Racer. I was very fortunate to be able to contact Indy 500 programmer Ed Riddle this week, and he graciously answered my questions about his life and Indy 500. Thank you Mr. Riddle! Next week the focus is on Games By Apollo and their games Skeet Shoot and Space Chase. Please send me your stories of these games or any 2600 memories you'd like to share and I'll read them on the show. Thanks for listening!

Pertinent Links

Indy 800 at KLOV
Ed Riddle's Self And Other website
Interview with Ed Riddle and other Macintosh team members by Daniel Terdiman
"It Ain't Easy" by the Rich Gritty Band (Ed Riddle is in the white yachting hat in the back)
Larry Wagner's programming notes for the 2600 launch titles at Digital Press
Larry Kaplan Interview by Scott Stilphen
Ben's I See Robots blog
Rob and Landon's Retro Junkies Super Show podcast
Rob O'Hara's You Don't Know Flack podcast

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