Sunday, June 9, 2013

CX 2614, Steeplechase, & CX 2615, Demons To Diamonds!

This weeks episode features two early 80s paddle games from Atari, Steeplechase and Demons to Diamonds. Steeplechase was a Sears exclusive that did not have an Atari counterpart. I also debut a new segment, so please let me know how you like it! I think it will be a once in awhile segment. Next week I'm on vacation, so the next 2 games, M Network's Star Strike and the Adventures of Tron, will be discussed on June 23rd. You have 2 weeks to send me stories about these games or anything else related to the Atari! Send everything to I read all submissions on the show, because people like that. I host my own podcast and I still get a thrill when I am mentioned on someone else's podcast. Thanks for listening and enjoy the beginning of summer!

Pertinent Links

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