Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CX 2637, Dodge 'Em, and CX 2638, Missile Command!

Sorry about the lateness of the episode my friends! This one is about Dodge 'Em and Missile Command by Atari. Missile Command was definitely one of my favorites as a kid, not as much these days but only because my horizon has been broadened. Next week is Racquetball and Space Cavern by Games by Apollo. Upcoming games include Blueprint and Solar Fox by CBS Electronics; Stampede and Ice Hockey by Activision; Othello and RealSports Baseball by Atari; Fast Eddie and Deadly Duck By Sirius/20th Century Fox; and Surround and A Game of Concentration (aka Hunt 'n' Score) by Atari. Send your stories and memories for any of these games to I love getting your feedback, and I read all of the submissions on the show! Thanks so much for listening!

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