Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2459, Mouse Trap, and 2463, Lady Bug!

Hello dere. This week I'm profiling a Coleco game, Mouse Trap, and what was supposed to be a Coleco game, Lady Bug. Lady Bug is actually a home brew done by Champ Games/John Champeau, it was never released by Coleco back in the 80s despite being advertised and given a part number. See, vaporware has been around forever! I am spending a few days next week with my dad who is visiting from Arizona, so the show will resume on July 23rd with Blackjack, Casino, and Slot Machine by Atari. If you have any feedback for any of these games, or for any games I've already covered, I would love to read or play it on the show! Just send it to Enjoy your Cow Appreciation Day and I'll see you on July 23rd. Thanks for listening!

Pertinent Links

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  1. I have the best memoires of my atari. In fact, I am having right now a few games on my pc. I have those downloaded with the bluestacks. An emulator. I found it when I was making a whats up download for my pc.

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