Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CX 2656, Swordquest: Earthworld!

This week I am looking at Swordquest: Earthworld and the ill fated contest that this game started off for Atari (SPOILERS). Very interesting stuff, please make sure you check out the links for great photos and even more info. Next week I am discussing Edtris 2600 and Sound X, both homebrews by Ed Federmeyer. From what I have read, Edtris 2600 is considered the first Atari 2600 homebrew cart. Upcoming games include In Search of the Golden Skull, AD&D Treasure of Tarmin & Burgertime by M Network; Frogger and Amidar by Parker Brothers; Swordquest: Fireworld by Atari; Sssnake and Airlock by Data Age; and Fire Fighter and Sky Patrol by Imagic. Got any feedback for these games, or any of the other games I've covered so far? Send it to me in text or mp3 form at  

Don't forget, Rob from Player/Missile Podcast is very generously sponsoring a contest! He is giving away an e-book copy of Racing the Beam, by Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost (it is an Amazon gift e-book, you need to be in the US and have an Amazon account, sorry about that). The next episode of his podcast is devoted to Space Invaders; both of us will be playing the game on the other's system, and you have to guess our combined scores (without going over) to win the book. You have until October 6th, and you can send your guesses to my email address above or post it to the pinned post on the Facebook page.

Thank you for listening everyone!                                              


2600 Connection Earthworld Solution page
2600 Connection Swordquest Revisited article (Lots of links here)
John Michael Battaglia's web site
John Michael Battaglia interview by Scott Stilphen
Contestant James Schweitzer interview
Robert Ruiz's Earthworld solution
AVGN Swordquest Video
Swordquest: Earthworld at Atari
Contest EPROM entry on Atarimania
Masquerade book
The Secret book Wiki (FASCINATING and still unsolved for the most part)

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