Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11005, Mega Force, &11006, Alien!

Hi everyone, this episode is about the 20th Century Fox games Mega Force and Alien, both based on their movies. Congratulations to Matthew Edwards for winning the Strudders' Score contest! Thanks to everyone for participating. Next week I'll be looking at Chopper Command and Starmaster by Activision, then I will be taking the week of Thanksgiving off. The first week of December I will be covering Assault and Great Escape by Bomb, then Raiders of the Lost Ark by Atari. I would like to release another Christmas show on the 24th, but I will need more Christmas memories from you! The whole episode will be your feedback about anything associated with Christmas and the VCS/2600. I did one last year and it was very successful; the reason it is only feedback is because I am very busy in December with Christmas and my birthday, both at home and at work. So if you do have any feedback about any of these games, games I've already covered, or your Christmas memories, please send them to me at Thank you so much for listening!

Deeds, not Links

Bryan Cranston in Mega Force commercial! 
Paul Laughton interview on the ANTIC podcast
Doug Neubauer's Wiki
Doug Neubauer interview with James Hague
Doug Neubauer 1986 interview with Lee Pappas
Player/Missile Podcast Star Raiders episode
The No Swear Gamer's Math Gran Prix review
Willie's Arcade USA contest video! Win a Colecovision with 10 games!

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