Wednesday, September 9, 2015

AX 020, River Raid!

Today I look at one of the most popular Atari 2600 games (and I can say 2600 because it came out after the rebranding), River Raid! Extra special thanks to Carol Shaw and Ralph Merkle for their help with this episode, and to Willie, ArKay, Captain Bob, and Mike at the Atari 5200 Super Podcast for their help as well, even though I screwed that up slightly (more details in the episode). Please go and check out the Atari 5200 Super Podcast if you don't already listen, and please check out their Facebook page at the link above!

Coming up next week is Bugs and Journey Escape by Data Age. Thanks to Wade's (from Inverse Atascii) suggestion, I now have a calendar to your right (unless you're on a mobile phone, then all bets are off). As long as I remember to keep it updated, you can check there for all the upcoming shows and see when they will be published. If you'd like to send your thoughts on Bugs and/or Journey Escape, or any other game I've covered so far, please send it to Thank you so much for listening!

Links of No Return

Interview with Carol Shaw by Benj Edwards
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The No Swear Gamer 192 - River Raid!
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Ed Kelly's BETAR web site
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