Wednesday, October 7, 2015

SA 205, China Syndrome, & SA 206, The Challenge of Nexar!

Hey everyone! Time to check into the hotel room and turn on the... oh, wait a minute. Wrong Spectravision. This episode deals with the other Spectravision's games China Syndrome and The Challenge of Nexar, both of which you'd think would be under the Ch section in a list of Atari 2600 games, but NOOooooooooooo. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the episode. Next time I'll be talking at length I'm sure about the Atari game E.T., by the inimitable Howard Scott Warshaw. Please try to get me your feedback by the end of the day on October 18th, I am really trying hard not to procrastinate. So of course now I'm putting it on you. :D And as always you can send that feedback to Thank you so much for listening!

Pertinent Links

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Scott Stilphen's interview with David Lubar 
Random Terrain's Challenge of Nexar section 
Data Age Mindscape record on Youtube
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Short, inconclusive AA thread about China Syndrome
Atari 2800 Challenge of Nexar on Atarimania
Colecovisions podcast!
The SNES Podcast Facebook page - contact Greg if you're interested in being a co-host
Rob O'Hara's podcasts
Holiday Special podcast on Facebook - please go and like the page!
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