Wednesday, January 20, 2016

AX-021, Spider Fighter, & AX-022, Seaquest!

Thank you everyone for your patience, understanding, and kindness. This episode is about Seaquest and Spider Fighter by Activision. Next week's episode about the Greg Troutman homebrew games This Planet Sucks and Dark Mage should be posted as scheduled. If you have feedback for those games or any games I've already covered, you can send it to Thank you for listening!

Pertinent Links

Larry Miller profile in Activisions newsletter
Spider Fighter patch...
...and accompanying letter
Spider Fighter contest writeup
Seaquest patch...
...and accompanying letter
Steve Cartwright interview by Tim Duarte
Steve Cartwright interview on Retro Videogamer forum
Lost Treasures of Gaming Podcast - Steve Cartwright interview
CGE 2007 Activision Panel including Steve Cartwright
HMS Raptor thread on AA
Jaguar Raptor Engine homepage
Article by Emilie Livezy about Seaquest International
Retro Atari Podcasts app by Trevor Holyoak

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Always fun to have people discussing these games from the past like this.