Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Top 10 One Player Games & a Special Announcement

This episode was suggested by Matt (@stormsurge) and will be part of a continuing series over the life of the podcast. The special announcement is that I will be slacking off the podcast this summer. ;)   Well, kind of. Please stay tuned to the episode for details on that. Thanks for listening everyone, see you soon!

These are the coasters that I mentioned in the podcast (you can also see them on Twitter and Facebook, I posted them back in 2014):

Pertinent Links

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  1. In a bit of a coincidence, I purchased my Atari 400 in a Consumers catalog store in Toms River, that was previously a Tiny Tots. Must be a Jersey thing. I wrote about it here:


  2. I really enjoyed the top ten episode! As I was listening to it, I was surprised how close your top ten list was to mine. I have 7 of your games on my list. The only 3 I did not have on my list were Frankensteins Monster (which I have not played), Atari Pinball (which I like, just not in my top ten), and Miniature Golf (which is the only game on your list I do not like).

    Even the placement of our lists are close (I have Kaboom! #1 and Adventure #2 as a slight difference). Boy we seem to have similar taste in Atari 2600 games! Thanks again for a very interesting episode.

    Joe in Ohio