Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cx 2601, Combat! (4th Anniversary Remaster)

My first game episode was episode 2 about Combat. It came out March 3, 2013. I discovered later that I screwed up the sound (I had Audacity experience before doing the podcast, but not with a microphone). Since it's the 4th anniversary of that show (or it was, THANKS AUDACITY), I decided to clean it up the best I could and re-release it as a treat. If you think tortorous first podcasts are a treat. Anyway, thank you for four wonderful years (with many to come) and for my Facebook page reaching 1000 likes. I'm glad you all are here, and I thank you for listening.

Pertinent Links

Racing The Beam, by Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost
Combat Machine Code (within Combat in Context, by Nick Montfort, scroll about halfway down)
Tank at KLOV
Jet Fighter at KLOV
Digital Press Interview with Joe DeCuir
Atari History Museum Interview with Joe DeCuir
Steve Fulton article on the early history of Atari
Larry Wagner resume
Larry Wagner's Combat design notes
Larry Wagner's programming notes for the 9 launch titles
Cliff Spohn's artwork
Kee Games VCS prototype (photo by Earl Green)
Michael Current's Atari Timeline
Sears Wish Book Blog by Greg Maletic (also features unreleased Tank console)
Scott Stilphen's Atari Compendium - Combat Easter Eggs
AA Combat page (hacks listed here)
Tank-Plus picture label on Atarimania
Arcade USA on YouTube


  1. So cool that so many of the things you dreamed of early on have come true - Coffee Table book of 2600 art, hand-held with SD card, the ability to play multi-player Combat (Steam, PS4, etc). Now all I have to do is find a copy of Scsicide to send in a audio review for the cast...

    Love the show, listen to it daily in the car.

  2. Wow -- you re-recorded the whole thing, and had Strudders send in a new submission. That's a special commemmoration indeed! Thanks for the extra effort. That's so cool. ("Remaster" funny guy! I wonder who's going to get the joke.)