Sunday, April 23, 2017

Atari 2600 and Games Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Robert Zambon, he won the Atari 2600 with games by correctly guessing all 10 of the games in the contest. he was one of many and then picked at random. I am too lazy to copy/paste the clues here and then type the answers, so please listen to the episode. Thank you all for entering the contest, and special thanks to Tim for donating the prize. Stay tuned to the feed for another contest soon! Thanks for listening!


  1. Holy wow. Thanks Ferg! I'm believe I'm now required to submit feedback for a certain number of episodes! (And I need some name other than mine to use... :) ) Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes, this podcast and the networks I am on are lousy with Robs. 😁 No feedback requirements here, I'm just glad you enjoy the show.

  3. Love the show - I started originally just listening to games I knew. Since then, I've started listening to EVERYTHING. Up to 55 or so - let me tell you, it's made spring yard work much :)