Sunday, October 7, 2018

11009, Crypts of Chaos!

After a short delay, I am back with Crypts of Chaos by 20th Century Fox. A fine dungeon crawler if I do say so (and I do), a genre that is underrepresented on the Atari 2600. Coming up next is the arcade port Kangaroo by Atari. If you have feedback for this game, please send it to by end of day October 18th, and the show will be out on the 21st. So he says.

I am playing for Extra Life again this year, but I am going to split it between November 3rd and 10th. I am old and I can't stay up that long anymore, it's really the thought that counts. I will be playing once again for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Please donate at the link below, thank you for your support! And I thank you as always for listening.

Please donate to my Extra Life campaign!
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