Wednesday, September 25, 2019

1603, Quest for Quintana Roo!

In this episode we look at the game Quest for Quintana Roo, which I mispronounced for most of the show. Thanks to Eugenio for correcting me. I loved the game and I hope you will too. Next up is a big game, Joust by Atari via Williams. If you have any thoughts on this game, please get them to me by end of day 5th October and I'll put it in the show. Remember, just tell me your thoughts on the game, I'll take care of the game play. you can send those thoughts to Thanks so much for listening!

Quest for Quintana Roo on Random Terrain
Atari Age thread on Quintana Roo Carbon Dating
Sunrise memo on Atarimania Page 1  Page 2
Ed Salvo interview by Scott Stilphen
Atari Compendium Quest For Quintana Roo Easter egg and bug page
No Swear Gamer 461 - Quest for Quintana Roo
No Swear Gamer - Quest for Quintana Roo gameplay

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