Sunday, March 17, 2013

CX2604, Space War, & CX2605, Outlaw!

This episode features a discussion (more of a lecture, really) about Space War and Outlaw for the Atari 2600. Not the greatest games ever, we will get to those eventually, I'm not giving up! Next week's games are Activision's Dragster and Boxing. Upcoming episodes will feature Slot Racers, Canyon Bomber, Super Breakout, Defender, Warlords, and Imagic’s Trick Shot and Demon Attack. Please please please, if you have any stories or memories about any of these games that you would like to share, send them to me at, and I will read them on the podcast. I would love to hear more stories, so if you want to send me an mp3 to play on the podcast, do that! I reserve the right to edit it, but I won't do a hatchet job on it. Also, please keep it clean, my young niece and nephew listen (I think) and I want to keep it clean for them.

You can find me on Twitter and on Facebook as well as here, please tweet or leave comments or whatever you like at those locations. Thank you all so much for listening, I'm having a great time doing this!

Pertinent Links

Spacewar on Wikipedia
Atari Space Combat label (scroll down and click for a larger pic)
Atari Space Combat thread on Atari Age
G4TV interview with David Crane
HiRes magazine profile on David Crane, Jan 1984
Gunfight on KLOV
Atari 2600 FAQ on Atari 2600 Connection (hope you have better luck)
Doug McCoy's blog page
Rob O'Hara's web page
Earl Green's The Log Book web page


  1. Any chance you could add a link for direct download of the episode? I don't use iTunes or RSS feeds and I didn't see the direct download link. Thanks and keep up the good work!


  2. I am sorry about that, it's the one link I forgot! Ths is it, I'll fix the blog entry too, thanks for bringing it to my attention.