Sunday, March 31, 2013

CX 2606, Slot Racers, CX 2607, Canyon Bomber, & CX 2608, Super Breakout!

In this episode we go back to games produced by Atari, and we look at out first two paddle games (Canyon Bomber and Super Breakout) and our first 4 KB game (Super Breakout). You can get the episode here.

Next week I'll be looking at Imagic games for the first time, Trick Shot and Demon Attack. Upcoming games include Defender, Warlords, Star Wars Jedi Arena & Empire Strikes Back, Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Indy 500, and Street Racer. If you have any stories or memories for any of these games that you'd like to share with the class, please send them to me at Thanks for listening!

Pertinent Links

Canyon Bomber on KLOV
Super Breakout on KLOV
Warren Robinett's web page
Interview with Warren Robinett
Another interview with Warren Robinett
Video interview with Warren Robinett from Get Lamp documentary
Retro Gaming Roundup podcast

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