Sunday, June 2, 2013

CX 2613, Adventure by Atari!

This week's episode is all about my favorite video game of all time, Adventure, created by Warren Robinett. LOTS of great listener stories and memories this week, thanks for sending them! I also get a little ranty about E.T. and the Alamagordo landfill. Sorry about that. Next week's show will be about Demons to Diamonds and Steeplechase, both by Atari (although Steeplechase was a Sears exclusive). If you have any stories for these games, or any stories about the 2600 in general, or even if you're a new listener and you have a story about a game I've already covered, send them to me at As always, thank you so much for listening!

Pertinent Links

Interview with Warren Robinett by James Hague
Interview with Warren Robinett by A. Merrill
Colossal Cave Adventure on Wikipedia
Adam Clayton's letter to Atari about Adventure on Atari Compendium (PDF download)
Scott Stilphen's Adventure Easter Eggs and Glitches page on Atari Compendium
Adventure on Robot Chicken
Adventure on Homestar Runner (Hover over the email button. Are there actual sketches too? Let me know!)
News story about Alamagordo excavation
You Don't Know Flack
I See Robots blog
Gameboy Database


  1. Adam Clayton's letter to Atari about Adventure -> kinda broken :(