Sunday, August 11, 2013

CX 2620, Basic Programming, and CX 2621, Video Olympics!

This week's torturously long episode deals with Basic Programming and Video Olympics. Not my favorite ever. Be sure to check out Hugues Johnson's Basic Programming site, it's much better than this episode. Next week I'll be talking about Activision's Skiing, which I really love, and Bridge, which I have absolutely no idea about, so that should be another great episode. Upcoming games include Breakout and Home Run by Atari, Encounter at L5 and Warplock by Data Age, Tac-Scan and Sub Scan by Sega, and Basketball and Football by Atari. You can send your stories and memories of these games to, and I'll read them on the show. Thanks for listening!

Pertinent Links

Pong Doubles
Goal IV 
Hugues Johnson's web site
The Retro League Podcast

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