Sunday, August 25, 2013

CX 2622, Breakout, and CX 2623, Home Run!

This week's episode is about the early Atari games Breakout and Home Run. I received another audio submission this week, I love getting those so please keep sending them in! Next week I'll be discussing Warp Lock and Encounter At L-5 by Data Age. It may be a short show, there's not much info out there about Data Age. Upcoming games include Tac-Scan and Sub Scan by Sega, Basketball and Football by Atari, Gangster Alley and Planet Patrol by Spectravision, Miniature Golf and Human Cannonball by Atari, and Coconuts and Cosmic Creeps by Telesys. You can send your stories and memories of these games in text or audio form to Thank you for listening!

Pertinent Links
Breakout on KLOV

Pilgrim in the Microworld by David Sudnow
Brad Stewart interview by Scott Stilphen
Cliff Spohn at Fine Art America
Kevin's Computer Space Fan website
Adventure Club Podcast Network
Atari commercial featuring Breakout

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