Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1001, Coconuts, & 1002, Cosmic Creeps!

In this week's episode I talk about the 3rd party company Telesys, and two of their games, Coconuts and Cosmic Creeps. Both are enjoyable games, but there's not a whole lot of info available for this company. I certainly make up for that in listener emails! Also, I am trying to get away from having a script for my shows, because it is extremely time-consuming to write and I don't read as well as I would like. This week's show is virtually script free; please bear with me on this, in order to get better I have to practice, and it will get better, it's just going to take some time! I hope you understand and can get past my stammering that I didn't edit out of this episode. Next week I'll be doing two more Star Wars games, Death Star Battle and Ewok Adventure. After that it's Bowling and Sky Diver by Atari, Tennis and Laser Blast (paging Rob O'Hara) by Activision, Circus Atari and Superman by Atari, King Kong and Jawbreaker by Tigervision, and all three of the Konami games, Pooyan, Strategy X and Marine Wars. Please send your thoughts and memories of these games or anything you'd like relating to the 2600 to Text or audio, your choice, but try to keep it clean; I had a lot of people working blue this week! Well, not really. Thank you all so much for listening and have a great week!

Pertinent Links

Newspaper article on game violence mentioning Telesys, from 1982
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  1. This one was a LOT of fun to listen to. You've done a great job, and it sounds a lot more...welcoming and good-humored. It's difficult to articulate, now that I try! But it sounds perfectly natural (and I'm not just saying that). You know how it is: Whereas you might believe that you're "stammering," anyone else listening wouldn't even notice such a thing.
    I hope it was enjoyable to record the podcast this way, since it rocks to listen to, especially considering that you're discussing your own opinions of, and experiences with, each game. That's the part that makes every podcast unique, and builds audiences. (Laughter is always a draw, too -- it was cool that you cracked up while reading the e-mails.)
    Great point, concerning the counterintuitive nature of Coconuts! When one is used to Kaboom!, it's tough to keep the ol' instincts in check, now that you've mentioned it.
    (Thanks for putting my link up! I didn't expect that. That was kind of you.)