Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AG 007, Tennis, & AG 008, Laser Blast!

This week's episode is a fond look at 2 early Activision games, Tennis and Laser Blast. Lots of feedback for these two, plus another audio submission from Rob O'Hara! By the way, I know it's Willy Higinbotham, I had already put the mic away when I caught it in editing. Thank you Willy for video games! Next week I'll be looking at Circus Atari and Superman, two more of my childhood favorites. Upcoming games include King Kong and Jawbreaker by Tigervision, Pooyan, Strategy X, and Marine Wars by Konami, Space Invaders, Night Driver, and Golf by Atari, Ghost Manor and Spike's Peak by Xonox, and Turbo and Venture by Coleco. Please send your stories and memories of these games, any game I've already covered, or anything you'd like regarding the 2600 to me at I love reading your emails! Thank you so much for continuing to download, listen to and enjoy the show!

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