Sunday, March 30, 2014

11003, Fast Eddie, and 11004, Deadly Duck!

This week I look at Fast Eddie and Deadly Duck by 20th Century Fox, makers of fine films and video games. Next week it's back to the early days of Atari with Surround and Hunt 'n' Score, aka A Game of Concentration. Upcoming games include Suicide Mission and Killer Satellites by Starpath; James Bond 007 and Gyruss by Parker Brothers; Codebreaker, Flag Capture & Video Chess by Atari; Title Match Pro Wrestling and Skateboardin' by Absolute, and a big one, Pac-Man by Atari. That one should generate some discussion. Send me feedback, including your memories and opinions of these games and any of the games I've covered so far to Thanks everyone!

Pertinent Links

Interview with Mark Turmell, I Am Entertainment magazine
Deadly Duck manual cover (blecch)

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