Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CX 2641, Surround, and CX 2642, Hunt 'n' Score (aka A Game Of Concentration)

This week's episode is a little dry, it features the Atari games Surround and Hunt 'n' Score (aka A Game Of Concentration). What this episode lacks in gameplay makes up in audio submissions! I wasn't expecting much feedback this week, but I did get some, which included audio from Shinto and Rob O'Hara. I really appreciate everyone that sends feedback, especially those who take the time to actually record it. I am trying to do that more myself for other podcasts, even though I think my voice sounds worse on other podcasts than it does on mine. Anyway, next week I'll be looking at the Starpath games ("tapes" would be an acceptable term for these, and only these) Suicide Mission and Killer Satellites. Upcoming games include James Bond 007 and Gyruss by Parker Brothers; Codebreaker, Flag Capture & Video Chess by Atari; Title Match Pro Wrestling and Skateboardin' by Absolute, Pac-Man by Atari, and Magicard and Video Life by CommaVid. You can send your feedback for these games or any game I've already covered to me at Than you for listening everyone!

Pertinent Links

Al Backiel interview with Alan Miller (contains a picture of Larry Wagner's launch title list)
Dominos on KLOV
Blockade on KLOV
Favorite Atari 2600 Games of FocusRS - Surround
Hunt 'n' Score bitmaps from the manual

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