Wednesday, June 11, 2014

CX 2647, Submarine Commander, and CX 2648, Video Pinball!

This episode is about Submarine Commander (the last Sears exclusive on this show), and one of my childhood favorites, Video Pinball (both by Atari). Be sure to stick around to hear me ramble for quite some time about playing pinball as a kid. Next week I'll be talking about Cross Force and Tapeworm by Spectravision. Upcoming games include Word Zapper and Commando Raid by US Games; Asteroids and Berzerk by Atari; Mousetrap by Coleco and Ladybug by John Champeau, Blackjack, Casino, and Slot Machine by Atari; and Yar's Revenge and Haunted House, also by Atari. Send your feedback on these games or any game I've already covered to me at, and I'll read or play it on the show. Thanks for listening everyone, see you next week.

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