Wednesday, June 25, 2014

VC 1003, Word Zapper, and VC 1004, Commando Raid!

Hi there! This week I discuss Word Zapper and Commando Raid by US Games. Next week is a big one, Asteroids and Berzerk, both by Atari. Upcoming games include Mousetrap by Coleco and Ladybug by John Champeau, Blackjack, Casino, Slot Machine, Yar's Revenge and Haunted House by Atari; Grand Prix and Barnstorming by Activision; and Death Trap and London Blitz by Avalon Hill. If you have any feedback for any of these games or any of the games I've already covered, please send it to Don't forget to guess Willie's combined score on Asteroids and Berzerk to win an Atari Flashback 4! Go to Arcade USA and watch the video, then leave your score there in the comments or on my Facebook page. Thanks for listening!

Pertinent Links

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Willie's Commando Raid video

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