Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CX 2657, Swordquest: FireWorld!

This week, the Swordquest saga continues with Swordquest: Fireworld. Two games left in the series, and only one was actually made. It will be coming up soon. Well, soon in the grand scheme of things. Next week I'll be talking about Sssnake and Airlock by Data Age. Upcoming games will include Fire Fighter and Sky Patrol by Imagic; Math Grand Prix and Raiders of the Lost Ark by Atari, Mega Force and Alien by 20th Century Fox; Star Raiders and Fun With Numbers (Basic Math) by Atari; Assault and Great Escape by Bomb; and Chopper Command and Starmaster by Activision. If you have any feedback regarding these games or any others that I've covered already, please send it to I will read it or play it on the show. Thank you for listening!

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Give this guy a medal.
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FireWorld contest photos
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