Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PB 5300, Frogger, and PB 5310, Amidar!

Hiya kids! Today I wax moronic about Frogger and Amidar by Parker Brothers, and also get a little creative all up in here. Very little. Despite that, I hope you enjoy the episode. Next week, the Swordquest saga continues with game 2 in the series, Fireworld. Who will win the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery? Who indeed! In the coming weeks and months and YEARS I'll be covering Sssnake and Airlock by Data Age; Fire Fighter and Sky Patrol by Imagic; Math Grand Prix and Raiders of the Lost Ark by Atari, Mega Force and Alien by 20th Century Fox; Star Raiders and Fun With Numbers (Basic Math) by Atari; and Assault and Great Escape by Bomb. If you have any feedback regarding these games or any others that I've covered already, please send it to I will read it or play it on the show. Thank you for listening!

Splooched Links

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