Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CX 2660, Star Raiders!

Well hello. Today's episode is about Star Raiders by Atari. Fun game, but I did find some other games in this style to be better (spoilers). You can win a Star Raiders cart with manual, touch pad controller, and overlay! Just send an email with "Star Raiders Contest" in the subject to, or check Facebook and Twitter for a pinned post regarding the contest. I will take entries until 11:59 PM EST January 20th. Next week will be Okie Dokie and Stell-A-Sketch by homebrew programmer Bob Colbert. In the following weeks I will be profiling  orcerer, Firefly, and Starfox by Mythicon; Hangman and Roadrunner by Atari; Threshold and River Patrol by Tigervision; Fast Food and Ram It by Telesys; and Brain Games and Frog Pond by Atari. Any feedback you have on these or any games I've already covered can be sent to Thank you so much for listening!
Hukka Hukka

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