Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Okie Dokie and Stell-A-Sketch by Bob Colbert!

Congratulations to Greg Miller, he is the winner of the Star Raiders contest! Thank you to everyone for entering!

This week I am looking at Okie Dokie and Stell-A-Sketch, both made by Bob Colbert in the late 90s. Check the links below to see how to get these games. In the next episode I am talking about Sorcerer, Firefly, and Starfox by Mythicon; Hangman and Roadrunner by Atari; Threshold and River Patrol by Tigervision; Fast Food and Ram It by Telesys; Brain Games and Frog Pond by Atari, and Megamania and Sky Jinks by Activision. Any feedback you have on these or any games I've already covered can be sent to Thank you so much for listening!

Pert-I-Nent Links

Making Okie Dokie - from Bob Colbert's archived website
Bob Colbert's archived home page (the links for the 2 games still work)
Download Sabotage WIP from Bob Colbert's archived web site
Bob Colbert interview by Michael Thomasson
Okie Dokie registry
Pictures of Stell-A-Sketch/Okie Dokie cassette on Atari Age
Okie Dokie at Hozer Video Games (scroll down)
Okie Dokie at Packrat Video Games
Okie Dokie at Atari Age
The No Swear Gamer Episode 92 - Okie Dokie!
Chris' book Classic Gaming Bookcast on Smashwords;
...on Barnes and Noble;
...on iTunes;
...and on Scribd
Direct download for the Christmas episode 85 (edited on Stitcher)


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