Wednesday, November 18, 2015

VC 1007, Name This Game, & VC 1009, Towering Inferno!

Hello World! Today I check out Name This Game and Towering Inferno by U.S. Games. I also was very fortunate to speak with Ron Dubren, the designer of Name This Game. Big thank you to Ron for taking some time out of his day for me, and you can check him out on the interwebs at the links below.

I forgot to mention in the show that you can still donate to Wade or Rick for the Extra Life charity, up until the end of the year. So if you think you might have missed it, you didn't! Links to donate are below.

So. The next show will NOT be about Glib and Music Machine as I had originally planned. I am going to spend a little more time on the Centipede and Ms. Pac-Man episode, which will be out on December 16th. A Christmas show probably will not happen, but I haven't totally ruled it out. If you have feedback for Centipede or Ms. Pac-Man, or if you have an Atari related Christmas memory, please send them to me at no later than end of day on December 13th. Thanks very much for your understanding, and thank you all for listening!

Pertinent Links

Ron Dubren interview by Phil Wiswell
Ron Dubren's Toys and Games blog page
Ron Dubren's Art blog page
Ron Dubren's Vimeo page
Ron Dubren's Centipede book on Digital Press
Atari Protos: Name This Game
Atari Protos: Amiga Power Play Arcade
Paul Allen Newell interview by Scott Stilphen
Todd Marshall interview by Scott Stilphen
Towering Inferno on Random Terrain's site
Donate to Wade for Extra Life
Donate to Rick for Extra Life
No Swear Gamer 214 - Name This Game!
No Swear Gamer 216 - Towering Inferno!
Haunted House Pinball mod
Lock Is Lit podcast
For Amusement Only DAILY Pinball podcast!
Silver Ball Museum in Asbury Park
The SNES Podcast
Wall Collisions in Adventure thread on AA
Louis Gorenfeld's Youtube reviews

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