Thursday, December 17, 2015

CX 2675, Ms. Pac-Man, & CX 2676, Centipede!

Hi everyone! I hope that you all are having a stress-free holiday season. I will be as soon as this is posted. :) And by this I mean my episode about Ms. Pac-Man and Centipede for the Atari 2600. I had a lot of fun, and even Mrs. Ferguson joins me for a new unfortunately titled segment! This will also probably be the only appearance of that segment. Thank you all again for your patience while I put this episode together.

On January 13th the games will resume with Seaquest and Spider Fighter, both by Activision. I will be putting a Christmas memories episode together this weekend, so I would need your submissions by December 19th. You can send your Christmas memories, feedback for Seaquest and Spider Fighter, or feedback for any game I've already covered (see Jose's handy list in the links down there) to me at Thank you so much for listening everyone, I really appreciate it!

Pertinent Links

First State Potion Masters Hufflepuff House Cup - Donate to Food Bank of DE here, and thank you!
Ms. Pac-Man on KLOV 
Centipede on KLOV 
Ms. Pac-Man Easter Eggs on 2600 Connection
Centipede Easter Eggs on 2600 Connection (includes Centipede flea ladder trick video)
Ms. Pac-Man on Atari Protos 
Centipede on Atari Protos
No Swear Gamer 138 - Ms. Pac-Man!
No Swear Gamer 111 - Centipede!
Trak Ball games thread on Atari Age (get the roms here)
Who Made Ms. Pac-Man thread on AA
Pie Factory and NARC developers at Galloping Ghost Arcade on AA
Dona Bailey interview by Andy Nealen
Centipede at Arcade History
Centipede $50,000 Tournament fiasco from All In Color for a Quarter 
Patricia Goodson's web site
Josh Littlefield on Moby Games
Mark Ackerman's web site
Atari Centipede comic on AA
Diagamblic on Soundcloud (the Galaxian remix is by him, I stole a snippet of it)
Centipede World Championship medal on Atarimania
Turmoil by Paul Robson on the iTunes store
SNES Podcast Contest announcement on FB
Holy Crap.

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