Sunday, April 28, 2013

#2451, Donkey Kong, & # 2454, Zaxxon!

This week I get into Coleco games for the first time with Donkey Kong and Zaxxon. Finally the show has reached double digits! Chewie can listen now!

Next week I go back to Activision with Checkers and Fishing Derby. Yep, you read that right. Your portable mp3 player will melt when you play the next episode! Upcoming games include Indy 500, Street Racer, Skeet Shoot, Space Chase, Wizard Of Wor, Gorf, Star Voyager, Atlantis, Star Strike, and Adventures of Tron. You can send me your stories and memories of these games to I love hearing them and I will read them on the show, and tens of other people will hear them! Thanks for listening!

Pertinent Links

Donkey Kong on KLOV
Zaxxon on KLOV
Bank Shot at Handheld Museum
Wildfire at Handheld Museum
Garry Kitchen's web site
2600 Connection interview with Garry Kitchen
Retro Video Gamer interview with Garry Kitchen
2600 Donkey Kong Pauline sprite hack

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