Sunday, April 14, 2013

PB 5000, Jedi Arena, and PB 5050, The Empire Strikes Back!

In this week's episode I discuss 2 Star Wars games from Parker Brothers, Jedi Arena and The Empire Strikes Back. You can also hear our first mp3 story submission from Rob "Flack" O'Hara! Coming up next week will be two big games from Atari, Warlords and Defender. Upcoming games include Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Checkers, Fishing Derby, Indy 500, Street Racer, Skeet Shoot, Space Chase, Wizard of Wor, and Gorf. Please send your stories (text or voice but please try to avoid built-in mikes) about these games or any other Atari 2600 memories that you want to share to You can listen to the show at Stitcher or on Podcast Pickle if you so desire. If you like the show, please consider leaving a review on iTunes. Thank you very much for listening!

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